Tha Din Gi Na Thom In Action

The first lesson on this site is dedicated to Tha Din Gi Na Thom, one of the fundamental rhythmic phrases in Carnatic music. Below I’ve posted a solo I took over John Scofield’s tune, “Chank,” where I’m using a range of Tha Din Gi Na Thom phrases. I found it very challenging to work these phrases into my playing initially and to do so organically, but after isolating the phrases and using them as I play scales, sticking to one phrase as I solo over simple forms, etc, I’m finding that it’s getting more comfortable and convincing. Layering them into my playing has added a new dimension of rhythmic and melodic shape to my playing and provides me with a new outlet of expression. I hope this serves as inspiration to those of you who are trying to work these new cells into your own playing and would love to hear how you are applying this new language into your own work!

Solo clip from “Chank”

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